Air-Swap can reduce the temperature gradients in your home. Have a hot bedroom and freezing basement? Mix it evenly with Air-Swap. 303-761-0729
Fix Your Hot Bedrooms!

  • * Temperature stratification can cause up to 20 degrees difference between floors on hot days.
  • * Hot air rises. Cold air is heavy and tends to pool on the basement floor, outside of the HVAC system.
  • * Even though your house meets building codes, there are not enough furnace air intakes.
  • * There are not enough cold air returns.
  • * Air-Swap adds cold air returns and at least one more furnace intake, without trashing your drywall.
  • * The intake added to your furnace will increase the pressure in the ducts.
  • * The additional cold air returns will compliment the increase pressure by pulling the hot air off the ceiling.
  • * The combination of returns and intakes create more air flow through your house.
  • * It works with costly air conditioned air, as well as free geothermically cooled air.
  • * Air-Swap reduces temperature gradients in the winter too!

Your Equipment Can Deliver More Airflow!

You don't need a new air conditioner.

Your air conditioner is big enough for your home.

You need more pressure, and your furnace can deliver.

Learn what Air‑Swap can do for you with our free demonstration.


Sleepless woman with a hot bedroom, and freezing cold air in the basement. 303-761-0729

Get the Demo - See For Yourself

The Air-Swap demonstration measures your air-flow to create a baseline.

We simulate another air-intake to show you the output the manufacturer intended.

You receive real numbers regarding the pressure in your ducts, and potential to increase the pressure in your HVAC system.

Your bedroom can be cooler in a matter of hours.

Using your geothermically cooled air can save on your electric bill.

Air-Swap is less expensive to install that a whole-house fan. 303-761-0729

Other Options
Whole-House or Attic Fan

  • * Whole-house fans are large fans that draw from the interior (open windows) of the house into the attic.
  • * If you use a whole house fan during the heat of day, you will be making the house the same temperature as the outside air.
  • * To protect the motor, there must be enough roof vents to run the fan on high.
  • * Whole-house fans bring a large amount of pollen, dirt, and dust into the home.
  • * Using Air-Swap during the day and a whole-house fan in the evening is a great strategy for keeping your house cool.
  • * Most Air-Swap installations cost less than a whole-house fan.
  • * Attic fans pull fresh air across the attic space to be exhausted on the other side of the attic (think gable).
  • * Attic fans can reduce the temperature a degree or two.
  • * These fans do not pull dirt into the house, but pull dirt into the attic.
  • * These fans work best when temperatures are not extreme.
  • * Most Air-Swap installations cost less than an attic fan installation.

You Don't Need A New AC!

Replacing or adding an air conditioner is not the solution for too hot bedrooms, too cold basements, and annoying temperature gradients.

Building codes only require one intake on your furnace.

Manufacters suggest your furnace will run at its best performance with two or more air intakes.

Our Air-Swap technicians find most furnaces, regardless of age, work properly and are appropriate for the house.

Air-Swap adds cold air returns and at least one more furnace intake, without trashing your dry wall.

Don't buy a new system until we check out your equipment!

Your air conditioner does not need replaced! You don't need a new AC. You need Air-Swap! In Colorado 303-761-0729.
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Mix It Evenly!

  • *Colorado Front Range
  • *Denver, Wheatridge
  • *Lakewood, Ken Carly, Roxborough
  • *Parker, Franktown,
  • *Castle Rock, Sedalia
  • *Aurora, Smokey Hill
  • *Broomfield, Boulder
  • *Englewood, Cherry Hills
  • *Centennial, Littleton
  • *Westminster, Commerce City